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a solution for site-specific antimicrobial decision support

Best practice begins one prescription at a time.

CustomID® uniquely lets local editors publish new site-specific content instantly, no requirement to wait in the queue of a third party.

CustomID® is intended for any provider network, hospital or long-term care facility, ideal for a competitive health system looking to scale quality standards of care.


The purchase motivation is intended for those who first want savings related to drug costs and to patient morbidity such as Hospital Acquired Infections.

CustomID® is an ideal solution to meet The Joint Commission's accreditation mandate and the CMS Condition for Participation requirement for education.


CustomID® offers competitive pricing, a model of software as a service (SaaS).


The expectations are higher quality and improved health outcomes for patients, also cost savings.

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Home page of CustomID®, an example of site-specific branding

We are proud that CustomID® is part of this award winning team at Duke Health!

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