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We are medical professionals and technology experts delivering information to clinicians where it matters -- at the point of care, the right choice at the right time.



Our first project is CustomID®, a software solution to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance by managing the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. CustomID® provides clinicians with site-specific, accessible, and up to date information about antibiotic usage.


OOur development experience took place in:

  • Duke University Hospital, a top tier academic medical center, a hospital with over 900 beds 

  • And, in 30 hospitals in the Netherlands, sponsored by the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB)

  • In 2018, we launched CustomID® within Duke Raleigh Hospital, a 186 inpatient bed hospital.

  • In 2020, CustomID went live within Duke Regional Hospital, a 369 bed facility.

Martha B. Adams, MD, MA

President and CEO

Dr. Adams is a general internal medicine physician known for her work in applied health informatics. She led the team of developers creating CustomID®. Adams is the founder of Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc (dba CCDS).

Our story

Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc, launched May 31, 2016. The company’s first product is “CustomID®”, a cloud and web based decision support tool for management of infectious diseases.

The inventors' story began at the time of the handheld computer and a growing popularity amongst clinicians for pocket-sized calculators and for ready information resources such as drugs and vaccine schedules. They saw a gap in delivery of timely updates for management of infections in their large academic hospital in North Carolina. The solution was CustomID® which they first launched for PDA and later as a web app for display either via desktop or mobile internet browser. Subsequently, in 2005, the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB) licensed the CustomID® framework and installed their guide in 30 hospitals in the Netherlands. CCDS is now taking CustomID® for offering beyond the Duke enterprise.

CustomID® is different from other antimicrobial guides by providing site-specific content, easily customizable, which is key for timely updates about drug shortages, outbreaks, and site-specific policies and protocols.


The company vision is to forward cutting-edge technology and knowledge transfer that is suitable for all medical disciplines, a vision to keep at the forefront, the goal of saving lives.

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