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CustomID® is a site-specific decision support solution that addresses the global problems of infectious diseases.


The most serious global health problems are the growth of antimicrobial resistance and the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 viral pandemic.  Besides the tremendous need for new drugs, vaccines and other methods to combat resistance and pandemics, local stewardship is key,


CustomID® puts your site-specific guidance at the point of care where it's needed.

Best practice begins one prescription at a time.


CustomID® is the first web app to focus solely on site-specific information for management of infectious diseases. Developed by physicians and pharmacists at Duke University currently has local versions in 3 hospitals of Duke Health.

1000s of doctors have used CustomID.

Here's how CustomID® works. CustomID® is an editing tool for the stewardship team serving the local, realtime content to clinical view, secure within the local health system IT network.

New! "hub & spokes" model

CustomID® is the first decision support tool used for antimicrobial stewardship that offers a “hub & spokes” model where the central authority, for example, the anchor hospital of a health system, can send new content to affiliates where resources may be limited.

CustomID® puts your site-specific guidance at the clinician's fingertips.

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Healthcare delivery is local.

  • Policies are different.

  • Available drugs are different.

  • Dosing advice is different.

  • Pathogen sensitivities are different.


Also different are budgets, the challenges of performance metrics, and availability of expert guidance for infectious diseases.


CustomID® is designed for satisfaction.

  • Local editors are your pharmacists and infectious diseases experts/champions.

  • Your clinicians are able to navigate and find answers efficiently, ending redundant calls.

  • Administrators can experience and measure economies of scale.


Communication creates success.

  • Personnel efficiencies improve.

  • Medication management results in patient safety and in dollar savings.

  • Meaningful support expedites accreditation surveys, regulatory mandates and supports performance metrics.


Displays your brand, your content and your trust.