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Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc (CCDS), proudly sponsors CustomID®.

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CustomID® is a decision support tool bridging the gap between site-specific guidance to the point of care for the management of infectious diseases.

CustomID® stands out by supporting direct publication by the site editors, no requirement to go through a third party. Updates will be in view instantly!

The problems addressed by CustomID® are:

  • Scattered site-specific information in support of ID management

  • Few experts to do the work of stewardship

  • Societal costs that continue to climb

  • Antimicrobial resistance that’s not disappearing

It is hard to communicate quickly ever changing information and CustomID saved us during multiple years!” heard from the pharmacist co-chair of an antibiotic stewardship team.


Here's why this is important, how this works, and the results possible.

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Healthcare delivery is local.

  • Policies are different.

  • Available drugs are different.

  • Dosing advice is different.

  • Pathogen sensitivities are different.


Also different are budgets, the challenges of performance metrics, and availability of expert guidance for infectious diseases.


CustomID® is designed for satisfaction.

  • Local editors are your pharmacists and infectious diseases experts/champions.

  • Your clinicians are able to navigate and find answers efficiently, ending redundant calls.

  • Administrators can experience and measure economies of scale.


Communication creates success.

  • Personnel efficiencies improve.

  • Medication management results in patient safety and in dollar savings.

  • Meaningful support expedites accreditation surveys, regulatory mandates and supports performance metrics.


Displays your brand, your content and your trust.

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